Thursday, October 11, 2012

Post Antykomor

Poland has been regressing lately in terms of human rights and basic freedoms, but it has been largely ignored by media.

  Few days ago, a new, more restrictive assembly law was signed by Komorowski ( Wprost — original in Polish and ; Polish News Bulletin, in English ) .

  But that law is just one of the series of recent ostensibly anti-democratic events in Poland. OSCE just slammed Poland for lèse majesté sentencing of Robert Frycz .

  Robert Frycz was sentenced in September for creating a webpage that made fun of the current president of Poland.

  It is all particularly amusing because just few days ago Komorowski was chastising Yanukovych for 'regression of democracy'.

  Do as I say; not as I do.

  It is hard to make the this stuff up.

I do hope you understand, dear reader. Smolensk is very much on my mind. Unfortunately, it appears more and more that PO this president need to be removed before any honest investigation can take place.

Yet another Smolensk lie ( In Polish ).

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