Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another death of a witness to Smolensk investigation

 We just had yet another suicide of a person connected to the Smolensk investigation ( see links below ). It is getting really scary, but it also means that whatever the truth is, Macierewicz and the group led by him must be getting dangerously close to it. Just how bad can it be?

 Wieslaw Binienda, who just recently gave an interview in Chicago's Open Microphone, stated that he was receiving death threats.

 Things are getting scary, but we might be able to get to the bottom of this sooner than some newspapers predicted.

 Below are links to the official sites. I am not going to add the suicide picture again. I think by now most sane people know that this cannot simply be coincidence, that in this case, relation may imply causation.

I will add a copy of what Remigiusz Mus ( the apparent suicide victim ) said on Smolensk

 Interview for in Polish

Początkowo odgłos był całkowicie normalny, silnik pracował spokojnie. W pewnej chwili jednak dobiegł nas huk silnika, taki jak przy starcie, więc wiedzieliśmy od razu, że dzieje się coś złego. Po chwili usłyszeliśmy odgłos dwóch eksplozji, po nich jakieś głuche trzaski. I zapadła cisza. Byliśmy przerażeni, bo zdaliśmy sobie sprawę, że doszło do katastrofy.
 And rough translation into English:

At first the sound was completely normal, and the engine ran quietly. At some point, however, we heard the roar of the engine, such as at the start, so we knew right away that something was wrong. After a while, we heard the sound of two explosions, followed by a muffled crackling. And there was silence. We were terrified, because we realized that there was a disaster.

 All I can say at this point is very simple.

 All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

I urge you to think first. And then do.

Link to ( in Polish )

Another link in Polish 

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