Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt w Polsce.. Mitt Willard poparty przez Walese

First, the amusing news from the front:>

albo, wiesci z placu boju

Walesa endorses Mitt Romney

I would like to cordially let currently hoping to become US president Mitt Willard Romney that if he wanted to court Polish American citizens, meeting Walesa was a less than perfect way to do this.

Due to rather complicated history and internal politics, we American citizens of Polish descent do not consider mr. Walesa anything other than a myth purposefully created and exploited.

I appreciated Romney's visit to Poland as a contrast against President's Obama snub as gesture on its own, but the Walesa Trip was a political mistake... assuming getting our votes was the reason for it..

I dunno... you tell me

I spojrzcie na to... Stocznia Imienia Lenina ( Lenin zasloniety ) odwiedzony przez prezydenta USA..

For the record, I send a query to the campaign HQ. Basically, wtf type. Did you guys really think this through? Or maybe there is some other reason.

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